Tiah Goldstein

Tiah Goldstein



My name is Tiah.


I operate from the premise and passion that business and innovation can and will change the world in a positive way.

My work is a direct reflection of my values, my intent is congruency between thoughts, words, and actions, and for the past 25 odd years has been in pursuit of ways in which to influence and create environments where entrepreneurs, organizations, and startup ecosystems have the ability and capacity to make better choices and build better businesses.

This passion and drive, have enabled me to gather tools, frameworks, and knowledge from a broad spectrum of industries and countries.

I love learning something new and finding new ways to implement it in a different area, industry, or sector.

This approach has enabled me to shift and grow from working in the outdoors to create powerful personal transformational journies for individuals, to working in the nonprofits and community sector, corporate sector, Universities, and startup ecosystems.

Some call me a systems thinker, a divergent thinker, pushing boundaries, strategic and deep thinker- I see myself as someone who is curious, passionate about learning, views the world as an interconnected web of cause and effect, seeks to create more moments of shared and common understanding, take my responsibility to be a better human and create connections and opportunities for growth as fundamental to my being.


Come have a chat- I am sure we can find ways to collaborate and build something amazing


Interwoven means..

The name Interwoven– was chosen with great intentionality.

Working towards a state of congruency and flow with thoughts, words, and actions is an essential part of who I aim to be, the work I choose to focus on, and who I choose to work with.

The purpose of Interwoven is to instigate, collaborate and forge a path for interweaving innovation, entrepreneurship, and being/doing good.

Making an impact or doing good, is not a linear logical path. It changes, shifts, and morphs based on many factors.


Becoming an Interweaver of change requires a deep understanding of your purpose, a sense of curiosity and adventure, as well as flexibility on the pathway but clarity on intent.

Ready to walk the path together?


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