What we do

At Interwoven, we believe value comes in many forms.

The shift towards a more cohesive, collaborative and connected economy is happening everywhere.

 The impact of climate change, waste and ecosystem degradation, combined with wealth inequality, increased conflicts around the world are all contributing to an increased focus on finding innovative solutions.
New business models are being created to ignite the change the world needs to be a better place.

We believe business can make a difference.

We see the new wave of entrepreneurs who are uncompromising in turning problems into opportunities.
We accelerate the growth of companies who are prepared to leverage their businesses as global forces for positive impact.
We help teams dig deep to design a robust and scalable business model, capable of generating strong financial returns, while tackling the problems outlined in the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) – including income disparity, homelessness, mental health and climate change.

How we create impact


Master Classes

We connect Founders and investors with leading practitioners and changemakers who specialise in topics and skills relevant to building scalable, sustainable business models. A perfect opportunity to upskill and gain invaluable mentorship.


We work with Founders and their teams to strategise and design best practice for their startup/company/organisation’s mission around specific targets of the SDGs. A perfect opportunity to strategise a 1, 5 and 10 year plan around pressing global issues.


We provide the wider Impact Tech, innovation and education sector the opportunity to network and build new partnerships through curated events. Our first major event is the 2020 Impact Tech Summit.

Why Impact Tech

There has been a rise of interest within the tech startup ecosystem around sustainability both in Australia as well as the rest of the world.

This is reflected by:

  1. The number of startups graduating from accelerator programs solving environmental problems
  2. The number of accelerator programs focused on more “green tech”
  3. Increased growth of the impact investment sector
  4. Increased number of educational entrepreneurship programs focused on social enterprise/sustainability.

As the concept of “impact tech” is newly emerging in Australia, it is a perfect opportunity to raise the profile  and opportunities within the sector. As such, Interwoven is based in Southeast Queensland, a premier location of rapid growth and development in Australia’s startup environment.

In 2020, Interwoven is collaborating with Griffith University and Kepra to bring an inaugural Impact Tech Summit to the wider social enterprise, startup, industry innovation, entrepreneurial education, sustainability and technology ecosystems in South East Queensland. This Summit would not be possible without the support of an exceptional team of changemakers who are dedicated to #purposeforprofit and bring diverse experiences and perspectives.

Meet the team

Tiah Goldstein

Tiah Goldstein

Founder + Summit Organiser

Tiah is a curious and passionate changemaker who’s ultimate goal is to influence and contribute to creating more impact-focused entrepreneurs. Tiah consistently strives to educate, inspire and collaborate with entrepreneurs who are able to understand and apply interconnectivity, inclusivity, responsible leadership and sustainable development concepts to business. She believes this will contribute towards creating innovative sustainable business solutions required to solve the complex problems humanity faces. It is from this drive that Tiah founded Interwoven.

Tiah is also dedicated to entrepreneurship education and focuses on embedding its princples and values in South-East Queensland’s top tertiary education institutions. She’s well connected in the local startup ecosystem and is always happy for a chat. In her spare time, she loves to spend time at the beach with good food and company.

Ishara Sahama

Ishara Sahama

Summit Coordinator

Ishara is a passionate advocate, community organizer and facilitator of topics ranging from social entrepreneurship, gender equality, climate awareness and youth engagement. She is a Climate Reality Leader and completed her Bachelors and Honours thesis in Geography from The University of Queensland.

Her main passion is ensuring that the experiences and voices of marginalized groups are recognized and included in decision-making processes pertaining to social and urban development.As such, she’s exploring ways to achieve this through community, governance and network building. She strongly belives in the power of the community and its influence in positive social and cultural change for gender and climate justice issues. In her spare time, Ishara loves to community organise, debate about politcs and try new tea flavours.

Josh Ting

Josh Ting

Social Media Coordinator

Josh is currently a Medical Science/MD student at Griffith University. Committed towards working in the healthcare sector, Josh explores projects outside of medicine in the hopes of bridging the gap between healthcare and business. Over the years, he has been a keen volunteer at aged-cares and hospitals.

Josh has also assisted local clubs, non-profits, and social enterprises with ongoing-tasks ranging from daily operations to social media. As of now, he is passionate about medical research, medical science, business and marketing. Currently, he is exploring his potential in the humanitarian space through his continual work with a social enterprise tackling SDG2.