Figuring out how to interweave and embedded sustainability into your curriculum or programs requires some skill and foresight.

Good thing we are here to help.

As “pracademics“, we have worked with universities, vocational educational training institutes, incubators, and accelerator programs to help:

– Develop bespoke entrepreneurship programs that show how to blend purpose and profit

– Re-design existing programs to better embed sustainability principles

– Ran introduction masterclasses on the importance and opportunities the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals offer.

– Evaluated and consulted on methods and tools to better embed values and systems thinking into programs

– Created practical and applicable assessments that simplify and embed complex topics into actions and real-life learnings.


Why work with us?

Entrepreneurial education is now offered at most educational institutions.

High-schools and universities are embedding programs that are teaching students tools on how to identify and fill gaps, become more flexible and agile in thinking and doing.

Blended impact ( purpose and profit), Sustainable development goals and Sustainability is more often than not, are thought of as “nice to have” and added on as an afterthought.

This creates and further supports the growing divide and lag that educational institutions face around ensuring their graduates are prepared and able to integrate into the workforce with relevant knowledge and practical tools.

We have over 20 years of international experience in designing, implementing, and evaluating programs around impact entrepreneurship, sustainability, and value-based leadership.

We can help you ensure your entrepreneur and innovation programs are relevant, current, and provide practical tools and a competitive edge for your students.




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