Come create a better world through the power of entrepreneurship and innovation.

Become a powerful creator of positive change

Interwoven helps those engaged in entrepreneurship and innovation  interweave profit and purpose through practical, applicable and cutting edge solutions




Become a leader in Entrepreneurship Education

Learn how to infuse and embed impact and sustainable development goals into your curriculum.





Pathway to Impact

Our capstone online program helps those seeking to create a legacy through an easy 5 step process towards better alignment of values and actions




Do better, Be better

Become a proactive leader and employer in the arena of  ESG/CSR with your company – retain and attract more customers and great talent with your strategy and commitment towards a better tomorrow.

Let’s be real- we on the precipice of a moment in time like no other.

The current situation in the world feels like it is going to hell in a handbasket. 

 The impact of climate change, waste and ecosystem degradation, combined with wealth inequality, increased conflicts around the world are all contributing to an increased sense of despair.



The good news is that tectonic shifts are happening.

  • Creating an economy based on regenerative principles, conscious capital, and interconnectedness.
  • A wave of entrepreneurs who are uncompromising with their commitment to creating innovative solutions for positive impact
  • Stronger commitment by businesses for a better tomorrow
  • Increased number of investors seeking better ways to fund the growth of new business models
  • Educational institutions committing to incorporating sustainability and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals into their curriculum.

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The sole purpose of Interwoven is to increase the number of businesses, founders, and educational institutes focused on making the world a better place.

The services provided are designed to help YOU feel, look and be better at understanding how to act with congruency- with alignment between values and actions.

Drawing on over 25 years of international experience, and collaboration with many talented people, the solutions created are effective, practical, relevant, and current.


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About Tiah

Tiah Goldstein has over 25 years’ of international experience in developing interactive and practical programs, frameworks, and strategies around entrepreneurship, sustainability, scaling social impact, and leadership. She has played a vital role in the development of the startup community in QLD through offering unique early-stage entrepreneurship programs, crafting strategies for innovation centers, mentoring various startups, and growing an event series around the importance of failure within the entrepreneurship journey.

Her passion is growing an army of tech entrepreneurs hell-bent on using technology to solve some of the most complex problems humanity faces. Tiah has an Undergrad in Community Economic Development and an MBA and has also lived and worked in five countries.